3 Tips to Keep Guests Cool When It’s Hot

If you’re like me and decided to have a summer wedding then the first thing on your mind when planning your wedding might’ve been what summer colors to pick and not how hot it might be outside the day of. I hadn’t even thought about it, not even when we were booking the venue. I only realized it might be a problem when our DJ brought it up, mentioning that he has been at this particular venue before and was hoping it didn’t get too hot. The place we picked doesn’t have air conditioning. Honestly, I never would have even thought to ask about air conditioning before booking. Luckily there are a few things that can be done to make sure our guests are as comfortable as possible even if it’s a particularly hot day.


Make sure that everyone has access to plenty of cold water. Especially if your ceremony is going to be outside. Set out a cooler full of bottled water near your seating sign and maybe put a note that everyone is welcome to help themselves to some water. You should probably provide some during your reception too. When it’s hot people tend to go through more than one bottle of water so make sure you have plenty!


Shade is going to be your best friend. It can shave several degrees off of how hot it feels outside. If there is no current shade where your guests will be seated consider renting a canopy cover. If you have a large number of guests and can only rent one canopy, perhaps suggest those who are sensitive to the sun such as the elderly and babies sit under it for the duration of the ceremony.


Now we’re lucky enough that although we don’t have any A/C in our reception area there are giant fans on the ceiling to help cool things off. I know you can’t bring giant ceiling fans to a wedding venue that doesn’t already have them, but you can provide paddle fans. This is what we decided to do for the ceremony since it’s outside.

Making a note on your invites for everyone to wear something cooler may be a good idea. You can also look up the average temperature for your wedding day just to get an idea just how hot it will be. Keeping these three key things in mind will help to ensure that your guests remain happy and comfortable on your big day!

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By Morgan Wise

I am a twenty-two-year-old college student graduating in May of 2019 with a degree in Visual Communications. I love getting my hands into many different mediums of art. I also enjoy spending time planning for my upcoming wedding on August 19, 2018.

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